Signs you’ve got a keeper…

You have never waited several days to receive a response to your text message. You are a priority and an integral part of their daily routine right from your first date.

They find your imperfections and quirkiness adorable.

They show they care by sending you a good luck text when you have that all important day ahead.

They talk about you all the time.

They make you laugh every day even when you cry.

When the chips are down they lend a comforting ear and a shoulder to cry on.

You can plan a future together and it feels right to use the ‘we’ word.

They are proud of you and tell you so.

You could cuddle forever and never tire of it.

They say “I love you” every day and mean it.

Me Time at Valentine

Single on Valentine’s Day…

Almost as soon as the shelves are cleared of Christmas decorations, they are filled again with chocolates, hearts and other Valentine’s gift ideas.  The reminders are everywhere if you’re single, TV adverts, ‘Not Valentine’s Parties’, movie releases and shop windows full of exotic lingerie.  Just type Valentine’s Day into Google and 64m results pop up with anything from what to wear on your date to where to go on a romantic break.

But people in relationships forget very quickly what it is like to be single.  One couple I worked with told the boss that I should stay on to work late because I was single and they should be allowed to leave work early because it was “their Valentine’s Day”.  He fell for it and I spent the next four hours working late whilst spitting out feathers with their names on.

If you don’t have a ‘plus one’ for Valentine’s Day that doesn’t mean that you should not pamper yourself or celebrate.  Quite the contrary, in fact it is even more of a reason to do something that makes you feel better.

Hit the gym 

Filled with endorphins you will feel ready to take on cupid and his army.  All those calories you burned off will entitle you to splurge on your favourite takeaway later on without feeling guilty.

Boot camp or Spa retreat

Treat yourself to a weekend away invigorating your mind and body through relaxation, exercise and healthy eating.  You will make plenty of new friends even if you go alone.  These weekends are designed to motivate and refresh you.  Check out one of our current favourites at

Alternatively arrange a spa day with a friend.  Spa retreats are not just for girls.  A friend of mine recently treated her boyfriend to a spa day which he thoroughly enjoyed, especially the head Indian head massage treatment.

Girls’ or boys’ night in

Arrange a fashion swap party.  Invite your friends and tell everyone to bring clothing items they no longer wear or want, no beyond ‘past wear dates’ though.  Ensure you invite friends with similar tastes and this will be an eco friendly way to clear out their wardrobes.  Get some wine in and the music on whilst you try on potential new outfits.  You could even suggest that for each item swapped between parties some money is put into a hat which could be given to a charity.

The boys can arrange a game night in such as poker or if that’s not your thing, host your favourite sports night.  Whatever you do ensure there are plenty of snacks and liquid refreshments to hand.

Girl’s night at Fifty Shades of Grey

Cleverly released for Valentine’s Day, this highly anticipated movie encapsulates a love story spanning three books of erotica.  There is certainly a lot of hype about the movie with reports saying the majority of the booked audiences are women.  So popping out for a meal and a swoon over Jamie Dornan with your friends might be a fun way to celebrate with the girls.



Jamie Bulger’s killer removed online dating profile

Calls for Venables to be issued with Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) to restrict his access to the internet following his use of online dating sites. Access the full article here.


Toddler’s killer using online dating sites

The mother of Jamie Bulger spoke out against her son’s killer being allowed to use online dating sites under his new identity protecting his anonymity.  Access the full news article here.


Breaking up Etiquette…

A survey carried out by shows that at least 56% of people break up whilst hiding behind a text message, email or social media.  The survey respondents were a group of 18-30 year old Americans.  Yet ironically 73% of those participants stated they would be annoyed if they were broken up with in any of these ways claiming it would be “too impersonal”.  Only 2% claimed to have used the conventional way of telling someone it’s over.

Whilst the dynamics of every relationship is different it is worth noting that a large number of people taking part in this survey stated they would be hurt by the lack of courtesy of not being told in person.  For that reason we fully support the old fashioned method of telling someone yourself face to face.


First Date Taboos…

First dates can make us all nervous which in turn can make us say and do things that we would not under normal circumstances.  So we have put together some first date taboos in order to help you:

Banish the ghosts from the past:

Even the mere mention of an ex can lead you to dig a hole so deep not even a miner can rescue you.  Before you know it you’re spilling all the bitter, gory details about your ex and let’s face it we’ve all fallen victim to that one.  Reliving a bad breakup can be an appetite suppressant, especially if your date has recently gone through one of their own.

Instead you should remain in the present tense, talk about your family, places you have been to and places you would like to visit.  Who knows perhaps you could be visiting these new places with your date.  You should talk about your interests especially if they are mutual.  Before you know it you’ll be making plans to schedule a second date.

Don’t give out TMI – Too much information:

The wine may be flowing and so too the conversation but don’t be tempted to give too much away about yourself.  Be authentic but don’t share all your secrets such as sexual practices or how much money you earn.  It may sound cliché but leave an air of mystery about yourself which will leave your date wanting more.

Use of mobile phone or social media:

Have you ever looked around a restaurant to find people swiping endlessly on their smart phones whilst sitting opposite someone in a restaurant?  The first time my partner did this to me I threatened to get up and walk out, he hasn’t done it since.  We all know that smart phone apps can be addictive, but leave this addiction at the venue door.

Don’t drink too much:

There is no harm in having a glass of champagne whilst getting ready to take the edge off those first date giddy nerves.  But know your limits.  You would not want to end up sitting opposite a date that slurred their speech and stumbled about aimlessly trying to locate the lavatory.  This exact situation happened to me, where my date drank so much he fell off his chair.  Needless to say when he stumbled off to find the gents I made my quick escape.  I never returned his calls. Remember you won’t get another chance to make a great impression, so by all means have a nice glass of merlot with dinner but not the bottle.