Meet Tara

Photographed by Saskia Nelson of Hey Saturday Dating Photography

Tara , Owner and Founder of South Downs Introductions Ltd

Online Dating Agencies & Sites – my experience

I am an award-winning matchmaker who won theUK Dating Awards in 2015.  The event celebrates and awards the best industry experts.  I am also a trained certified matchmaker from the Matchmaker Academyanda former police detective with a certificate of exemplary conduct.  I work and collaborate with a great team of dating experts who you can read more about them here.

I set the company up due to my experiences as a past member of online dating agencies and sites.

I was single for most of my 30s and became frustrated and drained by spending hours online trawling through hundreds of profiles, virtual winks and kisses.

After weeks of contact with someone I would eventually agree to meet them. Looking forward to the date and believing this could be ‘The One’, more often than not I was let down when I found they looked completely different to their online photo.  In some cases their photo was 10 years out of date.  I found some people had been untruthful about their age, height, weight and worst of all, their marital status.  I also found many people were not ready for a long-term relationship.  Very often they had just broken up with someone and their ex was still lurking.  Some people lied about wanting a serious relationship which was a complete waste of my time.  

More and more professional people in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s are turning to bespoke providers such as us.  Some reasons may relate to the safety aspect of our services in comparison to some online dating sites.  What has concerned me is that some users of online dating sites have either been conned out of large amounts of money or suffered serious violent and sexual assaults, click on the Daily Telegraph Article.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau reported that a staggering £41 million pounds was stolen by online dating fraudsters in 2017 reaching a record all time high.  

My single friends were constantly saying to me that there were no other affordable, safer ways to meet people.  Whilst I believe that you cannot put a price on your safety, I do understand that affordability can be an issue.  So, out of pure passion, drive to change the industry and to make it more affordable and somewhat safer, South Downs Introductions came about.

My previous career as a police detective with exemplary conduct provides me with a sound track record in managing risks and relationships.  In this role I gained invaluable skills, such as the competency to really listen to people and deal effectively with their needs in a sensitive and discreet manner.

I have a great love of working with and helping people so as a matchmaker I have matched hundreds of couples to date who now share their lives together.  There is no greater feeling in the world when you see a happy couple together that you helped find love.    


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