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This service is exclusively for members looking for a long term committed relationship.

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How our Dating Agency works

Who better to match you with and find your potential partner than Tara who is a former police detective of exemplary conduct and a trained, certified matchmaker of the Matchmaker Academy.

Matchmaker Academy Certified

Winner of the UK Dating Awards 2015 and Finalist at the 2016 and 2017 UK Dating Awards, Tara is recognised as one of the best individuals in the UK dating industry.  She is a regular contributor on  BBC Radio stations, visit our press page.  Our company was a Highly Commended Finalist in Sussex Women in Business Awards 2015.  We are so very proud of our achievements.  Read more about Tara here.



Initial Telephone Call

Upon making contact with us either by calling on 0330 3230583 or by completing our website contact form here.  We get back in touch with you within 48 hours to arrange a call back at a suitable time for you.  The call back takes about 30 minutes and is a diarised appointment.  During this call we aim to find out much more about you to see if we can assist you and will answer any questions you may have.   

Complimentary Initial Meeting

If we believe we can assist you after the initial call then all potential members are offered a complimentary, no-obligation meeting with us.  This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and what qualities and values you are seeking in a partner.  Expect this meeting to take about one hour.  We have a number of venues for meetings in Surrey, Sussex, West Kent and Hampshire.  If we believe we can offer you a good number of matches to meet then we will offer you a membership with us.  Please don’t expect us to show you our members’ profiles at this meeting because:

  • our members value their privacy and they would not expect us to show their profile to a non-member who has not signed a confidentiality agreement.  You must appreciate that you are a stranger to us at this stage as we won’t have carried out any identity checks on you so we would not show you our members’ private information.  

Consultation and Personality Test

Once you have become a member, we will ask you to complete a profile questionnaire which helps us write an accurate profile for you as well as select matches for you who have the qualities and values you would like a potential partner to have. We will then book in a consultation for you and conduct your personality test as well as clarify anything from your questionnaire. The personality test is designed to learn more about the type of traits you have and how likely you are to mesh with people with similar traits or your polar opposite. Sometimes opposites do attract but it’s rare!  Most people tend to want someone who shares their values with similar traits to them.  The test we use was designed by Dr Helen Fisher, the author of the best selling book, Why Him Why Her- How to find and keep lasting love.  The consultation and test help us write an accurate profile for you and help us select the best matches for you.

Professional Photo-shoot and Dating Coach

Taster and Full members can benefit from our great preferential rate should they decide to have a professional photo-shoot for their dating profile.  They will also get to keep your favourite images which some members use for their own websites or LinkedIn profiles.

All Bespoke members receive a professional photo-shoot with our photographer from Hey Saturday to ensure they look their best for their dating profile.  This is included in your membership fee,  so you don’t pay extra.  You get to keep your images and some people like to use a couple for their LinkedIn profiles or websites.  Some memberships also include a one to one session with international relationship expert, Laura Yates  or Madeleine Mason.  This session helps prepare you for dating with renewed confidence. Read more about our team here.

Guaranteed Matches throughout Membership 

We have a well established network of single male and female members and so we are confident we can guarantee suitable matches.  If we don’t think we can match you we will be honest with you before we even meet with you. We specify your number of matches in your membership agreement and will guarantee you at least that number. We can offer more matches depending on how open you are to meeting recommendations, this will also depend on your own personal characteristics and on how narrow or otherwise your preferences are in a partner.

After becoming a member we select matches for you by using information that you provide us with based on what qualities and values you tell us you are looking for in a partner as well as life style, personality traits and some cross over on interests. We exchange profiles with your consent and remaining in control only you decide whether to meet the person for a date. You receive one match at a time to meet so there is no double dating here like the internet.

We encourage people to meet recommended matches because attraction can only come from a physical meeting in person. Yes we can all look at a photo of our celebrity crush and swoon but that doesn’t mean they would be compatible with you or even fancy you. There are a number of our members who initially thought they may not fancy the person we recommended from their profile.  Yet, after meeting them they were pleasantly surprised and found they had much more in common than a few words on a profile.

Your Date

If you both agree that you would like to meet then we exchange your first names and contact details, your email address only.  We bow out letting you arrange your date but we offer you plenty of support should you require it.

Dating Agency in Brighton & Sussex

We recommend that your date takes place within 10 days from exchange of profiles, after which we ask that you provide us with feedback on how it went. The feedback you provide us with enables us to continue to work on your behalf and find you that long term partner.  If your date went well, we are really pleased to hear that.  If you’re not meeting again, then we work with you and based on feedback, provide you with another match. If you meet someone through us or by chance outside of our service, you can still suspend your membership to concentrate on that new relationship.

Depending on the membership taken, we do not limit the number of matches you have and we work hard in order to find you your ideal partner within a few months of joining us. We have matched many happy couples who are in long term relationships to date and hope to achieve the same for you. See our Membership Options and Fees.

Take a look at extracts from some Matchmaking Profiles…

Our Success Rate

Our objective is to introduce you to someone who you want to share your life.  We cannot guarantee that will happen for everyone but our current success rate shows that 75% of those we match and introduce go on to continue dating.  Some of our members have married, live together and share their lives together. That’s a pretty good success rate!

What our clients say… 

Read our Testimonials.

Dating Agencies - Sussex, Kent, Surrey & Hampshire

Our areas and members (opening in London soon)

All our clients are professional people and have a range of occupations such as business owners, managing directors, IT consultants, fitness instructors, psychologists, flight attendants, university lecturers, property developers, doctors and so on, to define would be to limit.

They use our agency because it gives them the discreet, safe and professional service they require as they do not want their private details and photographs posted on internet sites.  The one thing they all have in common is they are serious about finding a long term partner and have taken a proactive approach in doing so rather than leaving love to a chance meeting.

Our clients come from the areas we cover, including:

East and West Sussex including Brighton;
Surrey area for Guildford, Woking, Redhill and Reigate;
West Kent areas around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks;
Hampshire – Portsmouth, Southampton and surrounding towns.

Our services are aimed at people from their mid 30s upwards.  We have no upper age limit as we believe everyone is entitled to our service.  If we cannot assist you we will always be honest with you.

Fees for our services 

We have three memberships:

Taster Membership guaranteeing two matches to meet, a preferential rate when you book a professional photo-shoot with our award-winning dating photographer.

Full Membership guaranteeing regular ongoing matches for up to twelve months, the amount agreed with you upfront, a preferential rate when you book a professional photo-shoot with our award-winning dating photographer, a four month hold period should you start a relationship with anyone, regular coaching sessions with your matchmaker helping you get the most from your membership.

Bespoke Membership includes the professional photo-shoot in your membership so not extra to pay and regular ongoing matches to meet as well as lots more benefits.  Please see the full membership options by visiting our Membership Page   

Data Protection 

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and are under legal obligations to keep your data safe and secure.  Our registration number is ZA098000.  

Contact Us and FAQs

 If you would like any more information or have any more questions, please check out our FAQs or just Contact Us.  We’re always happy to hear from you.