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Stepping into a first date: what shoes to wear

Dating can be toe-curling enough without worrying about what to wear on your feet.

Rachel Clinkard, of quality footwear providers Charles Clinkard, shares her advice for successful shoe-shopping to help you make a good impression on your first date.


June 2019


Expert style tips for the dating man

First dates can be daunting. There’s so much to think about: What will they be like? What will you say? What will you wear?

Luckily, Christopher Legard, Managing Director of quality men’s fashion retailer Joseph Turner, can give you the answer to one of those questions! Here, he shares his expert style tips for a dating man.


April 2019


Money can’t buy you love


Money can’t buy you love, or can it?

I read an article in the Telegraph Money about a retired barrister, Mrs Brock, who paid £6595 to a dating agency in London.  She claimed to have met only one man over two years.

As I am in this industry I read the article with interest.  The agency in question is not some fly-by-night one.  In fact, they are well established for some twenty-eight years…To read the full article click on the image or title. 

January 2018

Are you too Picky?

Are You Too PickyAre you too picky when it comes to dating?  If so you could be the reason why you’re still single.  Of course you deserve to meet someone lovely and spend the rest of your life with that person, but having sky-high expectations of meeting the perfect person means you could be passing up some great potential partners…To read the full article click on the image or title. 


July 2017

Loneliest Society…..

Loneliest Society?Loneliness is defined by Jenny De Jong Gierveld, as a subjective situation where an individual lacks certain relationships including intimacy.  As well connected as we are with our social technology and networking there is a rise in loneliness among us.  This is not just affecting the elderly, it’s affecting young men and women…To read more click the image or title


April 2017

Online Dating Fraud…..

Online Dating

The first week in January is the busiest time of the year for online dating.  Millions of people hit dating websites hoping to find love after spending another Christmas alone.  However, lurking among the sea of profiles online are sophisticated gangs who prey on innocent people merely trying to find love….To read more click the image or title


December 2016


Single at Christmas…..

Dating Expert Blog

One of the loneliest times of the year can be when you’re Single at Christmas.  I spent most of my 30s single and every Christmas I got really fed up.

This feeling was compounded by the fact that it’s my birthday on Christmas Eve.  Every year I would wake up and feel really down because there was no special man in my life to wish me Happy Birthday…..To read more click the image or title


December 2016

Dating List…..

Waiting for the Perfect Man - Dating List - Dating AdviceIs this your dating list?  “I want someone who has exactly the same education as I have and they must also come from the same background as me as well have all the following…..To read more click the image or title


October 2016

40, Single and Wanting a Child…..

40, Single and wanting a childSuddenly one day you’re 40, single and wanting a child.  Maybe you’ve put off having a child because you concentrated on your career or maybe you just never found the right partner.  Now you feel time is running out and this scares you…..To read more click the image or title




August 2016

Science of Attraction…..

Science of AttractionI work very closely with and provide ongoing coaching to my clients about the science of attraction.  Right from the initial contact they make with me, to their first date and through to them starting a relationship with someone I introduce them to, I am right there all the way banging a particular drum – the science of attraction…..To read more click the image or title

August 2016

Single Never Married…..

As a matchmaker I work with all sorts of people.  Some are separated, divorced, widowed and yes, believe it or not – single never married.  I say “believe it or not” about the single never married status because of comments some people have made when they viewed their profiles…..To read more click the image or title


July 2016

What Can A Matchmaker Do For You?….

Matchmaker - Working for youMatchmaking has been around for hundreds of years so it’s far from being a new concept.  With some online dating sites being fraught with danger and far from being discreet, more and more people are turning to a professional matchmaker in an effort to find love…..To read more click the image or title


April 2016

Choosing a Matchmaking Agency…..

Choosing a Matchmaking AgencyI really encourage people to do their research when choosing a matchmaking agency, as I am so confident in what we are able to offer our clients that I actually tell them to check out the competition.

These are just some of the questions I suggest you ask when choosing a matchmaking agency…..To read more click the image or title

February 2016

First Dates and Compatibility….

The First Dates Channel 4 show which opens its restaurant doors to love hungry singles is now in its fifth series of finding its diners love through first dates.  The matchmaking programme can even add a wedding proposal to its bow, albeit a whirlwind romance, nonetheless another success.  The happy couple met a mere three months earlier…..To read more click the image or title


January 2016

Dating Mistakes…..

Dating MistakesIt’s that time of the year again when dating websites’ traffic soars as singles re-evaluate their situation and make a conscious decision to change it by embarking on a proactive search for romance.  The 4 January is now known as the Black Friday’ of the dating world as millions log on or sign up with dating providers in their quest to find love…To read more click the image or title


January 2016

He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not…..

Claudia CoxTexting a man can sometimes feel like a constant game of “he loves me, he loves me not,” just without a daisy to peel petals off of. Unless you really happen to enjoy destroying daisies, there’s no reason to be playing that childhood game as an adult…..


Guest blog by dating blogger Claudia Cox.


December 2015

Sparks or Chemistry…..

Laura Yates Dating CoachWe’ve all been on those dates where we get on with someone and like them, but get disheartened because we just don’t feel the Sparks or Chemistry.

Hollywood has done a great job of conveying the idea that romance and love derives from chemistry alone. So when we don’t feel that, we disregard the person in pursuit of someone else – and in pursuit of those fireworks.

Guest blog by dating coach Laura Yates

November 2015

How to write a winning dating profile…..

Online Dating ProfileWhen it comes to online dating, a good dating profile is crucial to your success in finding the partner you want.  A badly-written profile may make your ideal match pass you by without a second glance. And it may well attract all the wrong people, leaving you frustrated and disappointed by the low quality of the people you attract…..


October 2015

When should you be intimate and are we exclusive?

Matchmaking Dating Service

The questions that come up again and again when you start dating are when should you get intimate and are we exclusive? Find out what our matchmaker suggests in this post…..


September 2015

Offline Matchmaking Dating Service – how it works…..

Dating Agency Couple

Millions of singles browse an array of online dating sites daily in the hope of finding ‘The one’.  They spend hours browsing or window shopping other users’ profiles.  Weeks and weeks of some form of communication whether it be text, email or instant messaging may ensue with an eventual face to face meeting that can be disappointing because the parties have over inflated ideas of a romantic encounter.  Find out how meeting face to face is the best answer……


July 2015

Are you a serial dater?

Serial DaterWhen I disclose a dating profile to a woman I sometimes hear her say, “He’s not my type”.  Men say it too but just not as much as women.  Bearing in mind this is a paper transaction and she does not even know the man I am putting forward, I am curious to know what she is basing her decision on so I ask “What is your type?”

Find out more…..

June 2015

Dating Agency – The Future of Dating is Offline

Why People Use a Dating Agency

We provide a bespoke, professional dating agency service where professional singles meet.  Our dating service is twofold, through our singles events which we run and by providing opportunities for people to meet through our personal introduction service.  I set the company up due to my experiences as a past user of online dating sites.  Some of my experiences left me wondering how people could access safer and more affordable ways of dating.


May 2015

First Impressions Count!

Picture of Samantha Wilding who runs personla styling company called Style & Grace

You might have a first date or be attending one of South Downs Introductions singles events.  Whatever the occasion, you want to look your best, and first impressions do count.

Expert stylist advice from Samantha Wilding


May 2015

Dating Compatibility in the Next Decade…..

Age & Dating CompatibilityIn my line of work I frequently meet men over 50 and into their 60s who tell me they will not date women in their 50s.  They say they are “not attracted to them”.  In a similar vein, women in their 50s tell me they do not want to date men over 50.  There is without a doubt a huge disconnect here between this generation and therein lies a huge challenge in the dating world…..


April 2015

Top Dating Tips from our Matchmaker…..

Top Dating Expert Tips1. It is good to have standards but having a rigid list of desired traits can often rule out potential compatible matches.   We are human and perfection does not exist.  So keep a more open mind and remember you cannot control chemistry.

Click the image or title to read on…..


March 2015

Signs you’ve got a keeper…..

Dating Expert AdviceIf you’ve ever wondered what you should perhaps be looking for in a partner and what the signs are that you’ve found one to keep then read our advice here.  Click on the image or title…..


February 2015