Offline Matchmaking Dating Service – how it works…

Offline Matchmaking dating service and how it works

Millions of singles browse an array of online dating sites daily in the hope of finding ‘The one’.  They spend hours browsing or window shopping other users’ profiles.  Weeks and weeks of some form of communication whether it be text, email or instant messaging may ensue with an eventual face to face meeting that can be disappointing because the parties have overinflated ideas of a romantic encounter.   Some online dating providers promote their algorithms as far superior to any offline method of matching.  But a book length article published by Professors Eli J Finkel and Paul Eastwick concluded there was no compelling evidence to support algorithms as being far superior to traditional offline and conventional methods of meeting, Online Dating – A Critical Analysis

Furthermore, browsing profiles does not provide a better sense of who would be a potential compatible partner.  This answer lies in meeting face to face.

So how does our offline dating service like matchmaking work? 

We meet all potential clients and anyone we introduce you to face to face.  During this meeting we get a good sense of whether we can assist you.   We subscribe and adhere to the Matchmaker Academy’s Code of Ethics which means we will always act within your best interests at all times.

Once you become a member we complete your profile.  It is written using your words to reflect your personality and you retain the rights and approval of your profile.  Once your profile is created and approved the matchmaking commences.  We share summary information with you about your match and request consent to exchange your profiles with one another.  You both review one another’s profiles and decide whether or not to meet.

Why should you keep an open mind and just meet?

When you are reviewing the profile you should keep an open mind and remember that we would never introduce you to anyone we did not feel was a good match for you.  Just because someone listens to another radio station or prefers a different genre of music has no bearing on their compatibility with you.  Quite the contrary, what it means quite simply is they are an individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes.  Interestingly, Paul Eastwick has shown that people cannot get a real sense of whether they will be compatible romantically until they actually meet, face to face.  The Scientific Flaws of Online Dating.  Therefore, dismissing someone based on a paper transaction by merely viewing their profile could be a poor decision on your part.

Moreover, if I had browsed my partner’s profile before we met I would have dismissed him and we did not meet online by the way.  His interests comprise of motorbikes, rock music and football.  He also listens to Radio 2 and I cannot stand it.  He sometimes listens to music I have not even heard of.  It was only by meeting in a face to face situation we realised there was something that attracted us to one another and Cupid’s arrow struck.   What I am saying is that I would have missed the love of my life if I had dismissed him based on his profile.

The only way you will know whether you are romantically compatible is by simply meeting face to face.  Cupid’s arrow may not strike, it may even be off taking a snooze, but you will never know if you don’t try.